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Exceptional photography of the hunting and shooting sports. Daniel Teetor specializes in getting action images of hunters and their dogs in the fields, woods and marshes. Please visit our online stores for instant ordering of prints, wall clings and apparel. We produce slideshows and coffee-table books with photographs from your hunts and adventures.

Descending Canada Goose


D1234 - 013


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Flight duck coming in hot



D1322 - 009

Golden Retrievers

with pheasant

D1225 - 030

flying ducks photo

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Pintail Duck in Low Flight


D1376 - 003

Ducks with Cupped Wings


D1375 - 016

Flying Ducks Composite Art


DU010 - 2

Handgun Shooting


D1746 - 003

Muzzle Flash


3238 - 075

Pistol Shooting


D1746 - 012

Modern Sporrting Rifle


D1746 - 025

Golden Retriever Dog and Pheasant


D1381 - 090

Golden Retriever Dog and Chukar


D1381 - 126



D1746 - 029


Golden Retriever

with pheasant

D1225 - 062

Hunter shooting

a shotgun

hunter shooter photo

D1161 - 073

Flight Ducks descending with cupped wings


D1318 - 019

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Composite Art

chesapeake bay retriever dog photo

CH007 - 5

Prairie Dog


2851 - 106

Prairie Dog Hunting


2985 - 014

Prairie Dog Hunting


2985 - 083

Pintail Duck in Flight


D1237 - 031

Tactical Pistol Training


D1299 - 041

Tactical Pistol Training


D1299 - 224

Tactical Pistol Training


D1299 - 236

Tactical Pistol Training


D1299 - 369

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Composite Art

chesapeake bay retriever dog photo

CH011 - 2

Wings Cupped - Canada Geese in Flight

D1283 - 040



2988 - 017



2988 - 045

Mallard Ducks

Composite of Flight

DU009 - 6

Pheasant Shooting


SEQ02 - 3

Llewellin Setter and puppies


ALL01 - 8

Chesapeake Bay Retriever


chesapeake bay retriever dog photo

CH010 - 1

Upland Hunting Composite Art

hunting dog photo

GN008 - 6

Retriever with goose


D1184 - 038

Moment of Impact


pheasant hunting photo

D1136 - 119cr

Retriever Composite Art


chesapeake bay retriever dog photo

CH008 - 4

Chesapeake Bay Retriever


chesapeake bay retriever dog photo

CH009 - 1



pheasant hunting photo

D1127 - 175

Golden Retriever Composite Art

golden retriever dog photo

PUP01 - 2

Labrador Retriever Composite Art

GN009 - 11

Canada Geese

Composite of Flight

CG01 - 6

Canada Geese in

descending flight

D1184 - 062

Waterfowl Hunting Composite Art

duck hunting photo

DH001 - 5

Prairie Dog Hunting


2986 - 098

Tactical Pistol Training


D1299 - 574

Duck with Cupped Wings

Charcoal Drawing


D1238 - 014

Cupped Wings-Duck

Charcoal Drawing


D1239 - 013

Customizable T-Shirt designs for duck hunters


Upland Hunting Composite Art

hunting dog photo

ES010 - 2

Golden Retriever

with pheasant

dog bird photo

D1136 - 019

Upland Hunting Composite Art

hunting dog photo

ES008 - 4

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Composite Art

dog duck photo

CH001 - 4

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Some images are available for instant download by following the links to the agencies that are listed at the bottom of this page. And search our images at Flickr.

Use the link below to order your own copy of "Waterfowl in Flight." This is a large-format, hardcover book with over 80 pages of stunning photographs taken by Daniel Teetor of ducks and geese as they descend, approach, takeoff and land.

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